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What is grosgrain fabric?

The outstanding feature of grosgrain fabrics is that they have particularly good warp elasticity, which is unmatched by weft elastic fabrics. It should be reminded that grosgrain fabrics are generally cut horizontally when used in clothing, and warp bullets are used as weft bullets, and most of them are used for pants. Grosgrain fabric has good elasticity and strong elasticity, so it is often used in casual pants, beach pants and sports women's pants. Ordinary plain and twill grosgrain fabrics are fully mature, and there will be no major breakthroughs in sales. The new growth point of grosgrain fabrics lies in changes. The warp direction is generally unchanged, and the weft yarns can undergo rich changes. Even blended yarns and hemp grey yarns can be used to improve the surface velvet feeling, make wool-like fabrics, and enter the high-end fabric series. The space is greatly increased. Grosgrain fabrics mainly pay attention to the problem of shrinkage control, because the warp elasticity during printing and dyeing can be large or small, and the shrinkage rate will change. It is necessary to tailor the clothes according to the actual demand.

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