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Hangzhou Hongwen Import and Export Co., Ltd.
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Hangzhou Hongwen Import and Export Co., Ltd.

is one of the professional China Four Way Stretch Poly Fabric Manufacturers and OEM 4 Way Stretch Poly Fabric Factory, offer wholesale Four Way Stretch Fabric for sale. It's a large-scale enterprise specialized in producing all kinds of textile raw materials and high-grade textile fabrics. Founded in 1999, the company has a total assets of nearly 3 billion yuan and more than 2000 employees. It is a modern private enterprise integrating chemical fiber spinning, clothing fabrics and industrial investment.

The company produces all kinds of pure cotton, rayon, polyester yarn and blended yarn all year round; Woven fabrics are mainly made of POLY 4 WAY STRETCH ,SUPER SOFT,BARBIE,BENGALINE,TR STRETCH SUT FABRIC etc; Knitted fabrics mainly include all kinds of PONTEROMA, SINGLE JERSAY,SCOOBA,SUEDE KINTS,TERRY, etc; In 2020, the company will continue to develop new materials, and invest in the R & D of Tencel, modal, imitation copper ammonia, DuPont n66 Imitation cotton yarn products for sports and leisure, moisture absorption and perspiration functional fabrics and environmental protection yarn.

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Four Way Stretch Fabric Industry Knowledge Extension

Is bengaline fabric similar to four way stretch fabric?
Bengaline fabric is a common elastic fabric in the market. Its outstanding feature is that it has particularly good warp elasticity, which is incomparable to weft elastic fabrics. Bengaline fabric is generally cut horizontally when used in clothing, and warp elastic is used as weft elastic, mostly for trousers. Bengaline fabric has good elasticity and strong stretchability. Ordinary plain and twill bengaline fabrics are fully mature, so they are often used in casual pants, beach pants and women's sports pants.
Four way stretch fabric is a fabric with certain elasticity. Four-way stretch is a kind of elastic fabric mainly used for sofa covers and clothing. Four-way stretch means that spandex yarns are added to both the warp and weft (high elasticity in the warp and weft directions). The organizational structure of four way stretch fabric is spandex elastic yarn, and spandex elastic yarn is usually used to give the fabric a certain degree of elasticity.

Can four way stretch fabric be worn all year round?
four way stretch fabric can be worn all year round. The four-sided bomb is an evergreen tree in the autumn and winter market. Four-way stretch, as the name implies, is a kind of fabric that stretches up, down, left, and right. It is suitable for weaving to use spandex elastic yarn to give the fabric a certain degree of elasticity. It can adapt to the activities of the human body, stretches and shrinks, is light and comfortable, and can also maintain the beautiful appearance of the clothes. The knees, elbows and other parts of the clothes will not be damaged Wearing for a long time will deform and bulge. Four-sided stretch is generally used for women's clothing, especially trousers. You can make a tighter version, or a slim version, so that you can play the characteristics of elasticity. Outline the perfect figure of women, and it is also used more in outdoor sportswear.

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