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Hangzhou Hongwen Import and Export Co., Ltd.
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Hangzhou Hongwen Import and Export Co., Ltd.

is one of the professional China Double Knit Fabric Manufacturers and OEM Double Knit Fabric Factory, offer wholesale Double Knit Fabric for sale. It's a large-scale enterprise specialized in producing all kinds of textile raw materials and high-grade textile fabrics. Founded in 1999, the company has a total assets of nearly 3 billion yuan and more than 2000 employees. It is a modern private enterprise integrating chemical fiber spinning, clothing fabrics and industrial investment.

The company produces all kinds of pure cotton, rayon, polyester yarn and blended yarn all year round; Woven fabrics are mainly made of POLY 4 WAY STRETCH ,SUPER SOFT,BARBIE,BENGALINE,TR STRETCH SUT FABRIC etc; Knitted fabrics mainly include all kinds of PONTEROMA, SINGLE JERSAY,SCOOBA,SUEDE KINTS,TERRY, etc; In 2020, the company will continue to develop new materials, and invest in the R & D of Tencel, modal, imitation copper ammonia, DuPont n66 Imitation cotton yarn products for sports and leisure, moisture absorption and perspiration functional fabrics and environmental protection yarn.

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Double Knit Fabric Industry Knowledge Extension

What clothes are double-sided knitted fabrics suitable for?
Good for a coat. Ladies can make a coat if it is brightly colored. If you are taller, it will look good as a coat. In short, the fabric of double knit fabric is very drape. He is not as hard as woolen fabric, so he started as a freshman. They are also very beautiful. I don’t know what kind of colors they are, so everyone should choose and make them according to their own preferences.

What are the characteristics of double-knit fabrics?
The double-sided knitted fabric has soft texture, moisture absorption and breathability, excellent elasticity and extensibility and manufacturability. Knitted clothing is comfortable to wear, close to the body, without a sense of tightness, and can fully reflect the curves of the human body. It has good elastic extensibility, the fabric is soft, firm and wrinkle-resistant, has a strong sense of wool, and is easy to wash and listen to and dry quickly. However, its hygroscopicity is poor, the fabric is not crisp enough, and it is easy to loosen and curl. Chemical fiber fabrics are easy to fluff, pilling, and snagging.

Will double knit fabric shrink?
Knitted fabrics will shrink after being soaked in water at a temperature above 45 degrees.
All fabrics will shrink, but the shrinkage rate is different. Generally, cotton-containing fabrics and linen-containing fabrics have relatively large shrinkage rates.
cleaning method
1. Not resistant to alkali, neutral detergent should be used, preferably wool special detergent.
2. Soak in cold water for a short time, and the washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees.
3. Squeeze to wash, avoid wringing, squeeze to remove water, dry in the shade flat or hang in half, do not expose to the sun.
4. Plastic surgery in wet state or semi-dry state can remove wrinkles.
5. Do not use a top-loading washing machine for machine washing. It is recommended to use a drum washing machine first, and you should choose a light wash gear.

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