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A Few Fabric Tips About Bengaline Fabric?

  What is bengaline fabric? Among them, Luo generally refers to rib, and satin refers to satin fabric. Soft satin fabric is usually the abbreviation of brocade viscose warp bengaline fabric, its warp direction is nylon spandex elastic yarn, and its weft yarn is rayon yarn.

  The more common bengaline fabrics are now plain weave and twill weave. Among them, the warp direction is 70D+40D nylon-spandex yarn, and the weft direction is 10S and 13S rayon yarn. Bengaline fabric is more common.

  We always have some misunderstandings and think that bengaline fabric is relatively expensive, but in fact, there are a lot of bengaline fabrics in the current fabric market, and it is a relatively popular fabric. fabric too.

  Bengaline fabric has several unique characteristics, such as its better warp elasticity, which is better than weft elastic fabrics. In terms of elasticity, the elasticity of bengaline fabric is also one of the best in elastic fabrics. So it is very suitable for use as pants. Like casual pants, sports pants, beach pants are very suitable to be made with bengaline fabric. And it is a relatively mature fabric whether it is plain or twill, and its sales in the market are relatively stable. The production and cutting of bengaline fabric are also relatively unique. It must be cut horizontally, and it is difficult to control the shrinkage.

  If you need to tap the market potential of bengaline fabric, you can tap on the weft material. Because its warp direction is not easy to change due to elasticity, but nowadays new fibers appear one after another, we can make changes in the weft direction materials, such as using blended yarn or hemp gray yarn, to improve the velvet feel. Imitation wool fabric, so there is a market for use in outerwear. And this also enhances its sense of luxury.

  Although the current market of bengaline fabric is mature and the potential is not high, with the emergence of new fibers, its potential is gradually increasing, and we can also improve its market potential in pattern texture. Therefore, the development of bengaline fabric is still there. With the improvement of design sense, the application of bengaline fabric will become wider and wider.

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