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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Terry Fabric?

  There are many types of fabrics, and terry fabric is one of the most popular. So is flannel fabric bad? What are the pros and cons of flannel fabric? Let's take a closer look.

  What is the flannel fabric?

  Flannel fabric, as the name suggests, is flannel fabric imported from Korea, flannel fabric is also called washed wool chiffon, or velvet chiffon, it is a combination of washed velvet and chiffon, with a velvet feel and chiffon light degree, drape. Suitable for spring and summer dresses, clothes, etc.

  Due to the high import cost, the import door width can only reach 112CM, and the loss increases. In terms of touch, feel and elasticity of flannel fabrics, domestic flannel fabrics are comparable to imported flannel fabrics. Moreover, the width of the finished door can reach 150CM, which greatly reduces material consumption. Flannel fabric is a weft elastic chemical fiber fabric. The warp is 150DTY while the weft is coated with 200DDTY + 40D spandex. It is woven in five satin weaves. The grey fabric is smoothed, sanded, dyed, and styled. It feels soft and smooth, with a short, fine surface that doesn't hold the ball tightly and doesn't shed lint. Due to its good characteristics, it is widely used in the production of car pillows, seat cushions, and other car interior products as well as clothing, handicrafts, etc.

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of flannel fabrics?

  Advantages: 1. Good flexibility and toughness;

  2. It feels smooth and silky, and the soaking feeling is easy to clean;

  3. It has rich colors, fresh and delicious; 4. It has good strength and is not easy to deform.

  Disadvantages: 1. Poor heat resistance, not resistant to high temperature, and cannot be ironed with a high-temperature iron; 2. The shirt is made of Korean velvet, which is not easy to stick to the body after sweating and has poor sweat absorption; 3. Do not let sharp objects scratch it when cleaning, so as not to cause the wire to fall off.

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