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Are Interlock Fabric Clothes Good?

  Today, Honghai Textile is sharing with you whether the clothes made of interlock fabric are good or not. First of all, I want to correct everyone that I can’t say whether interlock fabric is good or not. It should be whether clothes made of interlock fabric are good or not. This is because interlock fabric is only A textile process, not a fabric, in which the raw materials used in the fabric are generally blended or chemical fibers. Let's learn more about it with Honghai Textile.

  The interlock fabric process is generally used to make cotton sweaters and sweaters, and cotton sweaters can often be seen in our lives. But what about this cotton sweater made with interlock fabric?

  Although the "cotton sweater" made of pure cotton feels better than thermal clothing made of chemical fiber, after sweating during exercise, the "cotton sweater" made of pure cotton is good for absorbing sweat but not quick-drying, and the moisture in the body Adhering to the surface of the skin with cotton sweaters, it is very easy to cause rashes or eczema on your skin, and it also makes your skin more breathless.

  Whether it is made of cotton or new fabrics such as Lycra fibers, the actual working principle of which new technologies marked on the "warm clothing" can "heat up" is to block your skin from contact with air, such as It covers the surface of your skin like a greenhouse, using your body temperature to "simmer" to heat up.

  In summary, clothes made of interlock fabric have disadvantages, but they are also very comfortable to wear, soft to the touch, and the fabric has a very good thermal effect. No matter what material the clothes are made of, there will be corresponding advantages and disadvantages, and you can choose according to your own needs.

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