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Are The Clothes Made Of Ponte Roma Fabric Ok?

  Are the clothes made of Ponte Roma fabric good? The textile fabric has better horizontal and vertical elasticity. Roman cloth is a very thick and elastic fabric. It has a very texture on the upper body. The double weave is naturally light and has good stretchability and rarely wrinkles. Let's take a look at the clothes made of Ponte Roma fabric.

  Ponte Roma is a kind of fabric made of natural combed cotton and elastic light cellulose blend. It is the chief fashion queen of Rome Fashion Week. It has attracted much attention in the fashion industry because of its unique elastic light technology. There are special requirements for processing technology, and it is currently only used by high-end brands. So the genuine Ponte Roma fabric will not pill.

  1. Advantage introduction

  Because Ponte Roma uses elastic technology, the elasticity of Ponte Roma is very good no matter whether it is horizontal or vertical. Secondly, it has the moisture absorption performance of cotton, and it will be very comfortable to wear underwear made of this fabric. In addition, Ponte Roma also has the properties of heat resistance and radiation protection. In addition, the washing method of Ponte Roma fabric is relatively simple. Because of its high strength, it will not pill after washing. The appearance of this kind of cotton can well solve the problem that cotton fabric is easy to pill.

  2. Shortcomings introduction

  On the one hand, the production cost of Ponte Roma is relatively high, so its price is much more expensive than cotton fabrics. On the other hand, the high price makes the use of Ponte Roma more limited, and it is generally only used in the field of high-end clothing.

  Which season is Ponte Roma suitable for?

  Ponte Roma is most suitable for autumn and winter. You can also wear clothes made of this fabric in spring and summer because its moisture absorption is very strong. Wearing it in spring can also ensure a good sense of comfort, but it can be used as spring clothes And summer clothes, you can't use too thick Ponte Roma. In short, Ponte Roma is more comprehensive but not as versatile as pure cotton or other fabrics.

  Will the Ponte roma fabric be hot in summer?

  It won’t be hot, but it also depends on the thickness of the fabric. If you choose a relatively heavy weight, it may be hot. If you choose a light and cool style, it won’t be hot. It depends on the actual situation. Consider the climate factor.

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