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Bengaline Fabric Is A Good Product For Making Leggings

  Stretch bengaline fabric is a warp and elastic woven fabric with very good elasticity. This feature is almost unmatched in woven fabrics, and the concept of development and design is also very clever. The warp yarn is made of affordable and stable nylon spandex-covered yarn, using rayon as the weft yarn, which ensures a high-cost performance and is very comfortable to wear, so it was once popular all over the world. Stretch bengaline fabric's high elastic properties are just suitable for women's leggings, which are full of graceful curves and are still in high demand.

  Stretch bengaline fabric also has a changing process of growing and developing with the times. In the early days, it was mainly made of conventional nylon spandex-covered silk, the common one was 70D+40D, and most of them were twill weaves. However, this nylon-spandex-covered yarn has two disadvantages: one is that the covering is not tight enough, and the spandex is easily exposed; the other is that the yarn count is relatively thick, which makes it difficult to reduce the nylon content, which will reduce the wearing comfort. In particular, to improve the softness, many brands often do soft washing when making leggings, which makes the spandex more likely to be exposed. This is a serious quality problem and has caused huge economic losses to many users. Focusing on the above two defects, improvement measures were strengthened in a targeted manner. One is to moderately twist the ordinary nylon and spandex covering yarn so that the spandex is covered more tightly, and the problem of spandex exposure is solved. The second is to use finer nylon spandex-covered yarn, such as 40D+20D, and twist it at the same time, which greatly reduces the nylon content so that the proportion of rayon can be increased as much as possible, and the comfort is more guaranteed.

  Stretch bengaline fabric, like any textile, also needs continuous innovation to continue to grow, not only in terms of weave and yarn count but also in style and finishing. Therefore, jacquard, yarn-dyed, over-dyed, and printed There are also continuous launches to meet a wider range of aesthetic needs. In all fairness, stretch bengaline fabric has moderate positioning, high-cost performance, and high elasticity. Not only can it be stretched freely, but also the body-shaping effect is obvious. It is indeed a kind of fabric that is worth recommending for women's casual pants.

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