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Double Sided Suede Characteristics And Cleaning

  1. The advantages of double sided suede: the fabric is soft and waxy, with good drapability, light and soft, comfortable, not easy to wrinkle, and has a strong sense of shaping the upper body.

  2. Disadvantages of double sided suede: Difficult to take care of, high requirements for preservation and cleaning, not machine washable, especially when cleaning suede shoes and bags, professional tools and cleaners should be used.

  3. Cleaning of double sided suede: Under normal circumstances, double sided suede can be sent to dry cleaners for dry cleaning. If you want to clean it at home, you should use a soft brush dipped in a professional cleaning agent to scrub.

  Double sided suede clothes cleaning method one:

  Due to the characteristics of double sided suede, suede clothes are not water-resistant, and they will easily deform, shrink or wrinkle when soaked in water. You can use a special washing solvent to clean them, and the effect will be better, generally in 93# Gasoline or tetrachlorethylene, common dosage: 250ml-500ml.

  When washing, first lay the clothes of double sided suede neatly, and then use a short-bristled brush dipped in solvent to gently scrub according to the downside of the fluff. Special parts such as cuffs and necklines or particularly dirty places need to be scrubbed repeatedly. After scrubbing Use a towel to absorb the dirt, and then use a sponge soaked in solvent for a second cleaning, clean the face with a towel, and dry in a ventilated and cool place.

  Double sided suede clothes cleaning method two:

  If the double sided suede clothes are covered with dust or oil, it is very difficult to deal with.

  At this time, you should gently wipe the dust or oil stains on the surface with a dry cloth, and then use a special rubber brush to straighten the fur on the suede in one direction, because the fur on the suede will only make the whole skin smooth when it faces the same direction. Provides an even and uniform color.

  Double sided suede clothes cleaning method three:

  Advantages and disadvantages of double sided suede How to clean suede

  If you feel that the above methods are not very convenient, you can buy some professional suede textile fabric or scrub cleaning spray, which is super clean. It's just a little bit more expensive.

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