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Features And Advantages Of Terry Fabric

  In autumn and winter, because the temperature is relatively cold, the clothes we wear are generally made of thick and warm fabrics. Polyester and viscose stretch fleece fabrics have become the guests of autumn and winter trousers fabrics. The fabrics are strong, soft, and comfortable, and are very popular among consumers.

  The obvious feature of polyester viscose stretch fleece fabric is that there is a layer of relatively long fluff on the fabric, which makes the fabric full, thick and plump, and the fabric is soft and thick, giving people a feeling of warmth and warmth.

  Polyester and viscose elastic brushed fabrics have single-side brushing and double-side brushing. Generally, the brushing process is carried out after dyeing. After the fabric is repeatedly brushed and combed by the brushing machine, the cloth surface is full and full, and the entire cloth surface is presented. The luster is soft and gives a warm feeling. It is used to make suits, trousers, and other imitation woolen clothing in autumn and winter, which is warm and affordable. The price is lower than that of wool products, but the upper body effect is not lower than that of wool, which is affordable and good-looking.

  Our products are: TR Terry Fabric Single Jersey Fabric FD19024 is a double-sided brushed fabric, this fabric has a strong sense of wool, the fleece is thick and dense, and the air-like layer is warm and comfortable.

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