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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ponte Roma

  Ponte roma is a kind of textile fabric, which is mostly weft-knitted by double-sided large circular knitting machines. It is also called Panyangdi Roman cloth (according to the homonym of the English name), commonly known as playing chicken cloth. Roman cotton is a blended yarn made of combed cotton and elastic dark fiber. It is a high-end technology and unique textile technology product. It has a high reputation in the fashion industry. The processing technology is very complicated and it is not common in the market. . Roman cloth is four-way and one-cycle, and the cloth surface is not as flat as ordinary double-sided cloth, with slightly slight and irregular horizontal stripes.

  Advantages and disadvantages of ponte roma

  The advantages of ponte roma are good moisture absorption and good elasticity of the fabric, which is breathable and comfortable for making close-fitting clothing. It belongs to knitted fabric, which feels comfortable, and the fabric is not easy to wrinkle and pill. It is often used to make professional clothes and is more comfortable to wear. The disadvantage is that its lateral stretch performance is poor, so when choosing Roman fabric clothes, it is recommended to try them on before buying, to avoid wearing discomfort due to poor fabric elasticity.

  The difference between Roman cotton and Roman fleece

  Ponte Roma is a kind of fabric made of natural combed cotton and elastic hidden light cellulose blended. It is the chief fashion queen of Rome fashion week, and has attracted much attention in the fashion industry because of its unique elastic hidden light technology; while Roman velvet integrates the characteristics of natural protein fiber and plant fiber, so that the yarn combines the hygroscopicity and strength of plant fiber and the coolness of wool fiber. Its soft hand feels like silk, uniform bar, super Soft feel, suitable for knitting sweaters in spring and autumn.

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