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Features And Application Fields Of Scuba Fabric

  Scuba fabrics are used in any consumer or industrial application that requires flexibility. Since its inception, this textile fabric has grown in popularity and today it appears in thousands of different types of clothing, used by consumers all over the world.

  In some cases, pure scuba fabric can be used to create extremely stretchy or fully fitted garments, although this type of fabric is relatively expensive.

  The advantages of scuba fabric are:

  1. The elasticity of scuba fabric is very high. Generally, 100% polyurethane is not used in general products, and a proportion of 5~30% is mixed in the fabric. All kinds of scuba fabrics obtained have a comfortable elasticity of 15%~45%.

  2. The scuba fabric has good adaptability to the body and is very suitable for tights without any pressure.

  3. The appearance style and wearing performance of the scuba fabric elastic fabric are connected with similar products covered by the outer fiber fabric.

  But scuba fabric also has disadvantages:

  1. Poor hygroscopicity and small hygroscopic range. 2. Scuba fabric is usually not used alone, but blended with other fabrics. 3. Poor heat resistance. 4. It is not resistant to oxides, and it is easy to make the fiber yellow and reduce its strength. Scuba fabric is often used as professional sportswear, fitness wear, wetsuit, swimsuit, competition swimsuit, basketball suits, jeans, casual pants, socks, and so on.

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