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Interlock Fabric Soft To The Touch

  The surface of interlock fabric is covered with a layer of dense, short, and fine fluff, which is divided into two types: single-faced fleece and double-faced fleece. Single-faced fleece is made by brushing the reverse side of the knitted gray fabric with a padding structure, and double-faced fleece is generally made by raising the two sides of double-faced knitted fabrics. After bleaching and dyeing, interlock fabric can be processed into bleached, special white, plain, printed and other varieties, and can also be woven into plain or yarn-dyed products with dyed or mixed-color yarn. The interlock fabric is soft to the touch, rich in texture, light and warm, and has a strong sense of comfort. There are many kinds of raw materials used in it. Cotton yarn, polyester-cotton blended yarn, and polyester yarn are commonly used for the base fabric, and thicker, lower-twisted cotton yarn, acrylic yarn, wool yarn, or blended yarn are used for the pile yarn. According to the fineness of the yarn used and the thickness of the suede, single-faced flannel is divided into fine fleece, thin fleece, and thick fleece. The suede surface of the fine flannelette is thin, the cloth surface is clean and beautiful, and the dry surface density of pure cotton is about 270g/m2, which is used to make the lining of sportswear; the dry surface density of acrylic fiber is 220g/m2, which can be made into sportswear. coat.

  The currently popular thermal and health-care textile fabric is made of weft-knitted pad tissue and piled up. When making clothes with this fabric, it is advisable to adopt the method of pure cotton velvet facing outward, so that the far-infrared blended yarn is close to the skin, to enhance the effect of far-infrared rays on the skin, accelerate blood circulation, and produce good health care and warmth effects. It is often used as outdoor sportswear fabrics and linings.

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