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Introduction Of Different Fabrics Of Scuba Fabric

  There are several types of scuba fabrics and which is better? The wetsuit fabric is a synthetic rubber foam and is available in white and black. Black is more commonly used. It has a delicate touch, softness, elasticity, shock resistance, and heat insulation. Elastic, impermeable, impermeable, etc. are widely used in the manufacture of diving suits, so everyone has given it an easy-to-understand name: diving material. There are two main types of scuba fabrics: dry suits and wet suits.

  Wetsuit: This wetsuit is made of foam rubber or nylon cloth, the wetsuit must fit snugly against the skin, and the small amount of water entering does not flow between the wetsuit and the skin to maintain body temperature.

  Drysuits: Common scuba fabrics are nylon and lycra. The center lining of both fabrics is foam rubber, so as long as the thickness is the same, a wetsuit made from both fabrics will keep warm. The effect is the same. The difference between the two fabrics is the surface cloth. One is nylon cloth and the other is lycra. Lycra has more threads per unit area and the knit is tighter and therefore more durable. In addition, Lycra has better elasticity, so wetsuits made of Lycra are less deformed. Overall, Lycra wetsuits last longer than nylon.

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