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Single Jersey Knit Fabric Factory Survival Core

 The core of the single jersey knit fabric factory is to know how to adapt to the market. The clothing industry is one of the fastest popular industries, and it is closely related to our fabric market. On the other hand, some companies can survive the unfavorable period and survive successfully. The main point of their survival is innovation, and one of the core points of innovation is the law of the market. Enterprises with the courage to innovate will survive far better than ordinary enterprises, and this is especially important for fabric factories. However, innovation is one of the laws of the market, but it is not entirely the law of the market. In other words, innovation should also adapt to the laws of the market, continuously improve the quality of fabrics, actively develop new products, and continuously improve the business model.

  However, excessive pursuit of innovation does not pay attention to reality, but it is a defect. Focusing on the market is the only way to truly grasp the laws of the market economy. Only by adapting well can you survive better. If you blindly pursue exotic innovative fabrics, it is easy to fall into a vicious circle. This is not innovation. Innovation is to give people high-quality fabrics, not eye-catching. These strange fabrics will not be loved by customers. Therefore, innovation must be moderate and market rules must be grasped. . For example, the birth of recycled fabrics is a new type of fabric created by people's pursuit of innovation. It has excellent quality and excellent appearance but does not pursue appearance too much. They have an excellent appearance when they do a good job of quality. Therefore, innovation must be three The principles of great innovation:

  1. Model innovation, improve fabric quality, ensure fabric quality, and ensure delivery speed

  Second, technological innovation, the production of regenerated fibers is a typical technological innovation, changing from the source of materials to producing a variety of fabric fibers.

  3. Innovation in appearance, innovative new pattern, new production technology, and new fiber structure, are all innovations in fabrics, which are eye-catching and are the most commonly used innovation directions.

  Therefore, innovation is to actively produce fabrics with superior quality, excellent quality, excellent appearance, and comprehensive excellent fabrics. Instead of blindly pursuing appearance, when innovating, its fabric quality should keep up. Tencel fabrics, modal fabrics, viscose fabrics, 4 way stretch poly fabrics, these fabrics that have been successful in the market all have the above. Excellent performance.

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