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Single Jersey Knit Fabric is one of the most popular knit fabrics

Single Jersey Knit Fabric is one of the most popular knit fabrics. It's used for t-shirts, underwear and leisurewear because of its high-degree stretchability. The fabric feels soft on the skin and it can be worn in a variety of weather conditions. It's easy to iron and is fairly crease-resistant.
It is produced using circular knitting machines and it has a front side (face) and a back side (reverse). It is usually manufactured with the addition of elastane for increased elasticity. It is a bi-elastic fabric and can be stretched both lengthwise and crosswise.
The most common jersey fabric is made from cotton fibers, but it can also be made from synthetic yarn or a combination of both. The fabric is made by twisting and combining yarns to create a tight-knit structure that looks like a latticework of twisted vertical yarns connected by untwisted horizontal yarns. It is available in a wide range of weights and has varying levels of elasticity, thickness, smoothness, colors, patterns and other properties.
Different fibers have varying degrees of stretchability, so it's important to know the type of fiber your chosen fabric is made from. Generally, cotton has less stretch than synthetic fibers, which makes it more difficult to form fitted clothes. However, if you're sewing joggers or pajama pants that require a high level of stretch, it's best to use a polyester-cotton blend.
There are many different types of knitting stitches, and they all affect the dimensional properties of the fabric. For example, tuck stitch structures have higher width-wise extensibility values but lower length-wise values than miss stitch structures. The difference is due to the fact that tuck stitch structures have more overlapping of loops than miss stitch structures.
While it is possible to make knitted fabrics by hand, the process is time consuming and labor intensive. Most jersey fabrics are made by automated knitting machines, which saves a lot of time and energy. The machine is able to knit fabric much faster than a person can, so it can produce large quantities of the same garment.
The fabric can be produced in a variety of yarns, including cotton, wool, rayon and silk. It can also be produced with a mixture of all of these fibers to get the benefits of each. There are a number of different ways to make jersey, but all of them start with putting the yarn into an automated knitting machine and twisting it into the fabric's distinctive close-knit structure.
The fabric is then trimmed and sewn together into the final product. Once it is complete, the fabric is ready to be sold and used for clothing. In addition, the fabric can be dyed to add a touch of color to it. The finished product is then shipped to retailers and distributors, where it's used for a variety of clothing items. This includes t-shirts, sweaters, joggers, pajama pants and more. This versatile fabric can be found in a wide range of colors and styles to match any taste.

30s Ring spinning rayon single jersey fabric D11021-A
30s Ring spinning rayon single jersey fabric
ART.NO: D11021-A
Width: 165CM
Weight: 170GSM

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