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The Beautiful Performance Of Double Sided Suede In Casual Outerwear

  Double sided suede is a good warm classic for autumn and winter casual jackets. Recently, customers have sent samples to inquire about double sided suede with glue and washing. The unique style of double sided suede is easy to distinguish from other fabrics. The appearance of suede fabrics has been popular in the clothing and home textile industry for many years.

  The double sided suede makes full use of the respective advantages of polyester island silk yarn and cotton yarn to give the fabric a more comfortable feeling, with a thick and moderate velvet feeling. More classic features can be made on the back of the fabric after processing, generally including bronzing, bronzing, gluing, and other rich finishing. The all-polyester suede fabric is still somewhat stuffy and not breathable when worn on the body, and the all-polyester suede fabric is relatively stiff, and the fit and stiffness of the clothes are not particularly ideal after wearing. Our cotton suede clothing is completely Overcoming these, cotton suede is warm, breathable, and comfortable, and the cotton part is close to the skin, especially in the dry autumn and winter when dressing and undressing, there will be no "small sparks" on the body.

  The cotton suede quilt is a good fabric product used in autumn and winter clothing. Welcome customers to consult our Hangzhou Honghai Textile Co., Ltd. products, and jointly discover and develop more attractive clothing fabrics!

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