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Two Questions Answered By Bengaline Fabric

  If you want to analyze the fabric to the last detail, when you buy a Bengaline fabric, you are buying an elastic material with a cross rib pattern. Fabrics can be made from rayon, nylon, cotton, and wool, with a touch of lycra and polyester.

  It's the crisscross rib design that gives Bengaline garments a sturdy and tough feel. Because the fabric can use a variety of different fibers, it can give you a light or heavy material.

  This versatility gives you some flexibility in your sewing projects. It comes in a wide variety of colors. If you don't like the color options available, then you can dye the fabric at home. Be careful when polyester fibers are included in manufacturing fabrics.

  What is Bengaline Fabric used for?

  The material is naturally stretchy, making it perfect for the form-fitting garments you love to wear while participating in sports. Part of its function is to provide a very sturdy decoration for dresses, coats, skirts, and suits.

  The fabric is also used in cocktail dresses and wedding dresses, garments that require a solid structure. When applied to coats and other outerwear, this is done to aid the longevity of these garments.

  Instead of wearing lighter and tighter clothes, clothes made from Bengal fabrics are better suited to your sport. That's the advantage of this fabric. It allows you to move as much as you want.

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