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What Are The Advantages Of Interlock Fabric?

  What is interlock fabric? Many very professional people don't know about this fabric at all, and they haven't even heard of it. But many clothes made of interlock fabric are often used by us, such as thermal underwear. Most thermal underwear is made of interlock fabric, which keeps us warm in winter. So what is interlock fabric, and what are the advantages of interlock fabric? Now let's learn this together.

  1. What is interlock fabric?

  "interlock fabric" is a type of warp-knitted stretch velvet. This pile fabric is similar to pile fabric, the fabric is excellent in luster, elastic, and soft to the touch. It is an excellent fabric for making high fashion, tight clothing, and decorative items.

  Second, the advantages and disadvantages of interlock fabric

  1. The fabric of interlock fabric is very good to the touch, and it is very soft and comfortable to touch the skin. It is also very suitable for making close-fitting clothing without stiffness. And when the ambient temperature is high, part of the water can be evaporated to maintain the water balance of the fabric.

  2. The interlock fabric will not fade, deform, and harden after many times of clearing. It has a long service life and is comfortable and durable. In addition, interlock fabric has good elasticity, high gloss, and excellent heat retention, and is the first choice for making high-end clothing.

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