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What Kind Of Fabric Is A DTY Brush?

  DTY brush fabric is a kind of knitted fabric, and its production process needs to go through multiple complicated processes such as dyeing, drawing, combing and cutting.

  Advantages of DTY brush fabric

  DTY brush fabric will not shed or pill easily during use. Although the nap on the reverse side is sparse, it is relatively uniform, with a clearer texture and better elasticity. It feels comfortable and smooth to the touch.

  DTY brush fabric is a good product for keeping out the cold, and it can be compounded with any material, such as the combination of polar fleece and polar fleece, denim, and lambswool. The use effect of the cloth after these different fabrics are compounded is better.

  Disadvantages of DTY brush fabric

  The main disadvantage of DTY brush fabric is that it is easy to pill, so we need to pay attention to this during use and cleaning, and try to avoid pilling. If the pilling problem of the DTY brush fabric is not very serious, you can find a professional laundromat to deal with it. If the pilling is very serious and affects daily use, consumers may consider buying new products.

  Will the DTY brush fabric shrink?

  Generally speaking, if the cleaning method is not correct, silk wool clothing will shrink more easily, because the fiber structure of wool clothing itself is looser than other types of clothing, so it is easy to deform during cleaning. If the deformation of the DTY brush fabric is not particularly serious, you only need to iron it with an iron a little bit.

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