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What Kind Of Fabric Is Double Sided Suede?

  Double sided suede is a kind of clothing fabric, which is a natural plush surface formed by raising the fabric with single yarn or double yarn of a napping machine during the production process.

  Double sided suede generally refers to fabrics with fleece on both sides. It is the process of cutting two pieces of cashmere fabric into one piece and then sewing two thin layers of cashmere into one piece that feels great, but you can't find the sewing thread. Double-faced cashmere contains at least double-faced cashmere fabric, which is more comfortable and warmer to wear.

  The double sided suede fabric adopts dry-spinning ultra-fine profiled cross-section technology to make the fabric more fluffy. Plus, the bristling pile increases the amount of still air, so velvet fabrics are extra warm. The most popular aspect of double-faced cashmere is that it is thick and dense, soft to the touch, and close to the skin so that you can avoid wearing bloated clothes in winter.

  The advantages of double sided suede are strong warmth retention, fine and smooth feel, compact texture, good elasticity, lightness, good warmth retention, and fashion. The downside is that it is not lined inside, so it is not easy to put on and take off; it is expensive, difficult to clean, and comes with pilling.

  The double sided suede has a large surface area and a large contact range with the object to be scrubbed. Therefore, all kinds of water, dust, oil stains, etc. in the object to be scrubbed migrate into the internal structure of the chemical fiber. The chemical fiber decontamination is fast, clean, and comfortable, completely transparent as new, lint-free, mildew-free, and durable after long-term washing. durable.

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