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What Kind Of Terry Fabric Manufacturer Do Customers Like?

  To make customers like it, as terry fabric, we have to do the following. First, the quality is stable, second, the service attitude is better, and the communication is timely. The third is the variety of fabrics and the ability to innovate.

  In short, a good terry fabric should always develop new fabric varieties for consumers according to changes in market fashion. At the same time stabilize the quality and improve the service system. So comprehensively, it is the textile fabric company that can be selected by customers.

  As long as it is an accomplished terry fabric manufacturer, its experience must be rich, and it has made a large number of orders in its hands, and can have a strong anti-risk ability. The quality of the fabric can be guaranteed, and sometimes stable quality can bring real benefits. If every order you have has various problems, then this textile fabric company must not last long. Because it would go out of business with a lot of compensation. Similarly, if the customer receives a defective product, then you cannot maintain the relationship with the customer. How can the customer ask you to make fabrics next time? Stable quality is the basic viability of a terry fabric textile company.

  In addition to stable quality, we must also ensure a certain service attitude. We must be patient and timely in communicating with customers. Sometimes customers are very talkative. If there is a problem, we should communicate with the customer in time to solve the problem. The most important thing is to make an order. of. For example, if the color is wrong, it must be corrected in time. If there is a problem with the quality of the fabric, or the color of the color is different, it must be sent to the repairer in time for color repair. If there are problems such as holes in the fabric, it is necessary to reissue the good fabric products to the customer in time. As long as there is good communication, the order will be able to proceed normally.

  In addition to the above two, of course, there is also the company's innovation ability. We must know that it is very difficult to develop a new customer. On the contrary, it is more important to maintain the old customer, but a customer has been with him for a long time. Almost there. At this time, you often send him the previous varieties of fabrics, and over time, people will not come to you for samples, and finally, they will not even place an order with you. Therefore, we must always pay attention to innovation, and when we have new fabrics, we must send them to customers in time. Then if the customer can see new fabrics from you every time, he will not consider looking for a new terry fabric company to ask for samples, and with samples, there will be orders.

  The above is the 4 way stretch poly fabric company that general customers want. When doing business with customers, sincerity is the most important thing, and the rest are the details.

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