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What You Should Know About Stretch Bengaline Fabric

Stretch Bengaline Fabric is a thin, soft and flexible woven fabric that's perfect for dressmaking. It's a great fabric to use for tailoring suits and coats, but it also makes comfortable pants, skirts and dresses. Stretch bengaline is a fabric that's easy to sew and it can be found at most fabric stores. It can be machine washed and it doesn't require much care, except for the fact that it does tend to shrink on you if you don't pre-wash it. It's important to wash and dry it on cold and to hang it when it's done. It's also a good idea to iron it on a wool setting because this will help it keep its shape.
It's usually best to hand wash this type of fabric because it's delicate and can get dirty very quickly. It's also a good idea not to put it in the dryer because this can cause the fibers to weaken. This fabric can be prone to pilling too so it's important to avoid rubbing it on anything that could rub against it. It's best to keep it clean by hand washing it with cool water and using a mild detergent.
If you're planning to make a suit or a skirt out of this material then it's important to use a very sharp seaming needle that's not too thick. This will ensure that your stitches are nice and tight and that they won't come loose or tear later on. You may also want to use a seam tape when you're sewing with this type of fabric. This will help to keep the stitches from unraveling and it will also prevent the fabric from fraying as you're sewing with it.
When you're buying this fabric then it's important to check the label for information about the type of fibers that are used in it. Some bengaline fabrics are made of 100% polyester while others can be made from blends of different fibers including rayon, nylon and cotton often in combination with a little bit of spandex. You should also be able to find this fabric in a wide variety of colors.
Generally speaking, the term bengaline is used to describe any fabric that has a cross-rib design that's usually made of a blend of various fibers. It's most common in this country to see it made with either polyester or silk but there are other types of fabrics that can be referred to as bengaline too. It's also pronounced with the first syllable sounding like the name of the city in India where it originated- bengaline.

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