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Will Single Jersey Knit Fabric Pilling

  Does single jersey knit fabric pill? The structure of knitted fabrics is loose and the yarn twist is low. During processing and use, the fibers on the fabric are easily hooked by sharp objects and detach from the surface yarns, and the fibers on the fabric surface will be worn and lead to pilling. The phenomenon. Generally speaking, cotton and cotton blended single jersey knit fabrics are more prone to pilling, but after etching, singeing, mercerizing, and liquid ammonia treatment, the possibility of pilling will be greatly reduced. The possibility of pilling of chemical fiber single jersey knit fabrics is low because the yarns of chemical fiber fabrics are generally filaments, the short hairiness on the surface of the yarns is very small, and the single jersey knit fabrics made are resistant to pilling. The Pilling effect is better. In the process of development and production, attention should be paid to the selection of appropriate raw materials and processes, and rigorous testing should be carried out to ensure that the fabrics made meet the requirements of national standard pilling.

  What are the advantages and disadvantages of pure cotton fabrics? Knitted pure cotton fabric may still be the most widely used because the quality of clothes made of this fabric is particularly guaranteed, the comfort is particularly good, it is very easy to get close to the skin, and it does not cause any damage to the skin, and it can be cleaned. It is also very convenient, so pure cotton fabrics are very good. Its advantages are that it is breathable, sweat-absorbing, and less irritating. It is always good to choose pure cotton fabrics for underwear, home clothes, T-shirts, and children's clothes, especially baby pants that are worn closely. Although knitted cotton fabrics are warm, comfortable, and skin-friendly, pure cotton fabrics also have the disadvantages of shrinking after washing and poor air permeability, so they are not suitable for sweaty scenes such as summer or sports.

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