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Hangzhou Honghai Textile Co., Ltd. is China Printing and Dyeing Fabric Manufacturers and OEM Clothing Fabric Factory, offer wholesale Textile Clothing Fabric for sale. Founded in 1999, It is a modern private enterprise integrating chemical fiber spinning, clothing fabrics and industrial investment. Our factory produces all kinds of pure cotton, rayon, polyester yarn and blended yarn all year round. With a long history of more than 20 years, we have created high-quality products for you.

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  • Why Is Interlock Fabric So Popular

      Interlock fabric, also known as double sided suede, is a knitted fabric made of two rib weaves. It has the characteristics of a soft hand and good elasticity. It is widely used to sew clothes for spring, autumn and winter. Compared with pure cotton clothes, it is not easy to wrinkle and deform and...

  • Will Ponte Roma Fabric Pill?

      Ponte Roma is a knitted fabric, weft-knitted, made by a double-sided circular knitting machine. Also called Pan Yangdi Ponte Roma, commonly known as playing chicken cloth. The Ponte Roma fabric is not demanding, Ponte Roma is relatively smooth, four-way circulation, the cloth surface is not as fla...

  • Features And Advantages Of Terry Fabric

      In autumn and winter, because the temperature is relatively cold, the clothes we wear are generally made of thick and warm fabrics. Polyester and viscose stretch fleece fabrics have become the guests of autumn and winter trousers fabrics. The fabrics are strong, soft, and comfortable, and are very...